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When we got back to Virginia, I was so very depressed! Even Zorro, my African Grey, would not talk to me! My identity was with Dreamspinner’s Fiber, Yarn & Loom Co-op. I had to close down the website, the eBay store and the blogs; we had to make 7 trips to get everything moved. Mom & Dad needed us, that was all that mattered at that time! They have been there for us (me for over 30 years, Kevin for his life!) and they needed us to help them move from their home to a more appropriate place, then from the apartment to the wonderful Glebe in Daleville. I felt I had given up my entire life, not that I had, but I felt that way. Kevin and/or I go every other day to Mom & Dad’s.
On the Blue Ridge Parkway,
headed to the Peaks of Otter! Dolly, her Dad, Steph & Josh!
For Father’s Day, Josh and Stephanie showed up, driving 1500 miles roundtrip from Florida to be with Kevin and Dad! What a kid that boy is! I can not tell you how much I love him! Look at this:

This is the first time in many months, since before the feeding tube was inserted that Dad has come out of his room for anything. This day he ate comfort foods in tiny bites, he laughed and choked, our sweet Stephanie running to his side to assist him, (she is studying to be a nurse, or radiographer or phlebotomist) or maybe all three!! Josh, my son, you done good with that little girl!
I kicked myself in the butt after the kids left and said “Get up and do something!”
Having been with Kevin over 30 years, about the same time, he says, ” I am organized and ready to build looms again, get online and see if there is any interest!”

In the past three days we have sold:

A set of three out of red oak, 3′, 2′ and the baby easel:

This is about the prettiest thing I have seen lately, too quickly sold before I could say, sell mine, I want to keep it! Wow, with some tung oil on it, it is going to shine forever! Isn’t it beautiful?? Lin will love them I know!

Then Dawn wanted the 5.5′ and easel, which is in the workshop and may get finished tonight, this is Mom’s below, showing that even an 80 something in assisted living can weave!!

Rae B. Creedle rae@thinkingknitter.com
The Thinking Knitter: Patterns for thinking knitters: http://www.thinkingknitter.com/

This sweet lady emails me and we live about 2 miles apart, she got the beautiful little set below!
She has included me in several knitting groups, spinning groups and joined our knitting baristas at the Towers Starbucks in Roanoke, Va.—-Bythe way, now that Laura was transferred to Danville, Va. to open a new store there; they will also have a knitting Baristas group starting up. They are across from Piedmont Mall sharing a building with Blockbuster on Enterprise Ave, Danville.

So here is what I know:
I am no longer depressed! I have an outlet for all my creative energies, I will take a picture of the light I made Cathy for her birthday yesterday! I know that I love being here with my sweet husband, and that my kids are the greatest in the world! Laura is here at the snap of a finger, to help her Grandparents and parents!! 1.5 hours drive is a whole lot better than 24 hours to San Antonio, Texas! We are so happy she is home! She and Josh own the house that Kevin & I are living in, it is my old family home left to them by a very special Auntie!

Do you see the horse there? First picture it is not on, second picture it is on, but daylight, just showing the flowers around the horse! It is actually quite nice!

We had a wood shop made by the Amish and set it in the back yard so that Kevin can have a studio, and for storage of course! He took a little room for his reloading supplies, and gave me amuch larger room for my weaving, knitting, spinning, cropping, archiving, building, painting and playing clay!

Today he said the strangest thing to me, ” Babe, do you know you have two looms that we moved here you have not even woven on yet?”

One is an Ashford Tapestry loom and one is an old Union Rug Loom that is 4 harness, 6 treadles, floor loom???? I have no idea how to warp that loom!

I will have to go to the Folk School and learn to warp and weave on that bad boy! I wanted it to do rag rugs because my honey loves them so! (Oh, and I have a Circular Sock Machine I do not know how to use either!) I might have to go to NM to see my wonderful friend Juli to teach me to use the CSM!

Now since I have nothing to do, I think I will go and knit a face cloth, and read a little, wanna read a fun book——–Luanne Jones ‘Heathern Girls’ then ‘The Southern Comforts’.


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We are so happy to be able to build again and share our skills with our great weavers!! We are looking into a new idea Laura had, a stand for a scrolling square and/or an 18″ circular hoop, for her cross stitch. It would also be handy for embroidery, needlepoint, lockerhooking, rug hooking, painting on fabric, etc!
We went to Hobby Lobby and saw them for $80.00and they were so shoddy! Papa came along and said what are you looking at, and began to study the designs!! Well, those of you who know us know exactly what came out of his mouth,
“I can do that much better for that price or less!”
Here we go again, that was what happened when she wanted a tri loom also!!
We got a letter this week from one of our first customers who was happy to see us back:
Page, I am so excited to see you offering looms again!!! I stumbled uponyour loom on ebay several years ago — after having bought a triangle shawl at a craft show and being obsessed with learning how to do it! I don’t even know how many shawls I have made (you can see some in my photo file). I love your big loom — later your husband made me a 4 foot loom– and I also got a 2 foot loom and stand from you. They are wonderful and I’m so grateful to you for “getting me started” weaving!! Keep up with your beautiful creations and designs and welcome back!!! Carolyn Sue—

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On the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia, My partner Cathy lives in that little house in the rear of the picture. We have between us: 10 dogs, 8 cats, 5 horses and 1 covered wagon! Are we happy?
Her we go walking the dogs (and ourselves!)

Coming back home, who took a behind picture?
The dogs are walking usat this point, who in world thought that would make a good picture?? That is the last time we let Kevin drag behind with a camera!!!
Cathy’s littlest baby is Tadpole, born with several defects, destined to die quickly. She took him to her bosom and look in my arms, Tad is now over a year old!!! Dolly, of course, is with her father! There is no one like Papa to her!!!
It is so beautiful here, everything is so green! Here are Kevin & I before we started at Lancerlot, doing the weight room and swimming!
Dolly is almost lost when racing through the buttercups!

This Jewel, my sweet fairy pony girl, in the background you see the front half of Miss Thing,
Poppy, My percheron mare that pulls the covered wagon! Jewel is dapple grey and Poppy is actually white, Why do flies and bugs like white/light horses so much better than dark ones?
You have no idea what we spend on fly predators, natural spray, salve and we are trying so hard this year to avoid any pesticides!
My next post will have a picture of Jewel standing in front of Poppy so you can tell the difference in their sizes! It will crack you up!
I have almost finished Laura’s Sun Ray Shawl and have done 6 wash clothes this week, as well as I am starting a cotton sock- I will make a pair, but they may not match, my claim to fame is that my socks never match! Laura is coming home today and tomorrow, Josh and Steph will be here Saturday for three days! They are driving 1600 miles (round trip) to see his Dad and Granddaddy on Father’s Day.What a kid!

How did we ever get such nice looking kids?? And when did they get so large????

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We have been moving from Florida to Virginia and have made 7 trips in the horse trailer so far!! We are here and ready to get back into creating beautiful items! See? Even Dolly is settled in on her windowsill! She is so happy to be out of the truck!

We are re-creating the tri looms that we have happily made for so many wonderful people in the past as well as (and have a patent pending on) our easel for holding them readily while under the greatest pressure from pulling that yarn on through there!

We have for sale the following looms with or without easel:

7′ tri loom: $185.00 Set (with easel) $275.00

Easel alone for 4′ looms and larger: $149.00

Easel alone for under 4′ looms: $75.00

6′ tri loom: $165.00 Set: $250.00

5′ tri loom $135.00 Set: $225.00

3.5′ tri loom $85.00 Set: $145.00

2′ student tri loom $55.00 Set $110.00

2′ Square Loom $75.00

Building right now ………..Rectangle 4’X6′ $199.00

Rectangle 2’X4′ $99.00

Here are some pictures of our work and looms:

More to come as we discover where the picture discs are!!

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