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We are heading out of here for a break! Going to see Josh & Steph, sell the Ghenoe and the piano, get ready to clear the house out some more, Josh has preliminary acceptance for the SpeCial Agent position with the FDLE. That is his dream job and we are going to help be supportive! It also means that he will eventually be going to the police academy and then wherever he is assigned!!
We are going fishing and over to Dauphin Island, up to Lake Stone, kayaking, we plan to walk the beach with Dolly! I am going to take her swimming! I cannot wait to go to the commissary, and the Exchange, to Correy to the gym! YeeHaw! I am excited! We are taking the Van and have given up trying to take the camper to Blue Angel Park, unless we run into someone who has a big truck and will take her out there and pick her up for us! Josh is wanting us to sell her, and pay off some bills, then geta smaller one like our friends have just found and fixed up! He got a lite hauler for an excellent price, put new carpet in it, cleaned it up and has a wonderful trailer where he can carry his motorcycles!
I will take pics so you can all see how beautiful Pensacola is, and my grandgirls! I am going to Tana’s for a few days to play with them! How fun it will all be with no responsibilities!! The care of the elderly is weighing heavily especially upon Kevin! Laura will be in and out here, as well as Heath, and Belle! I am hoping that all will be well.


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