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And life goes on!

As I learn to manage my blood sugar, I continue to wonder if it can really be true that this is what I eat for the rest of my life! I was very decadent today, Laura and Bear brought me White chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, sugar free of course, and I had one with French Vanilla pudding and some raspberry jello, sugar free of course. But it was awesome! It did not taste sugar free at all. We had beer brats and sauerkraut for dinner, Bear loved it! He looks so good, he has lost more weight, claims he is still fat but so am I, altho I tip the scales 12 lbs lighter than a month ago!!

I am working on UFO’s:
a lacy shrug in Paton’s shadow, a lap robe in Twiggles, the Icelandic Shawl KAL, 2 pairs of socks, candlelight shawl for Laura for Christmas, and her EZ shetland shawl that needs to be started, she got the yarn for me last year at Christmas!

I have been spinning:
Llama, alpaca, silk and camel, cotton and unknown roving!

I am making the roving into socks, it is beautiful, done on one of the dyeing exchanges I belonged to. I am going from the Traveler, to the Country to the traddy! I even brought out the electric one and spun on Laura’s Fricke!! She is so attached to her spindles, she does not ever use the wheel. She could do an encyclopedia on spindle spinning! She has every size and shape, even spins her little silk hankies! I cannot keep it up, too hard on my shoulder I broke several years ago.
This past week all we got done is plan a party for Mom & Dad’s 62nd Wedding Anniversary. Tomorrow I have to decide about the cake, should I get one huge one, or one reasonable sized one and several small ones of different flavors. Won’t matter to me or Dad, we cannot eat any of them!! Ha ha! Put the girl who cannot eat sugar or carbs in charge of the cakes! I am sneaking Dad some really good, strong Starbucks coffee, Laura is setting up her Granddaddy to have some sips of something he really loves! We will go this week and buy the Smithfield ham. Then Lou and Marcia get here, we will make the sandwiches: ham sliced razor thin, whole wheat bread, crusts cut off, sliced corner to corner, according to Dad’s wishes!! Invitations are done and out, order placed for the wegetable platters and fruits plates, drinks, flowers, etc. Now to handle the cakes. I think I will order sugar free and see if anyone notices!!

I look forward to rest and knitting my spinning up, then the wonderful melody of the spinning wheel as the yarns pour forth and ask to become items for those I love. The click, click, click of the peddles and the feel of the fiber as it runs through my fingers to become yarn, are mezmerizing.
And as we rest, my neighbor labors to breathe as she faces her last days from cancer this week. She has told us she is ready to go home and looks forward to being pain free. All the grandchildren went today to say goodbye, and the children wait by her bedside. I have started cooking to provide meals for the kids, who will certainly need something as they lived for the Grandmother.
I feel the weight of being the elders now, and realize the time for play is past, I can recreate, spend time with my children, share what tiny grains ofwisdom I may have learned along the journey, but play time is over. We are seriously looking at major changes in the family structure, even Kevin is very sentimental over helping his Dad dress for Sunday school today, taking him to church, then helping him out of his Sunday clothes, so hard to look at those beautiful clothes and think, will he wear them again? He has pushed so hard forthis party,I really believe that he believes there will not be a 63rd anniversary for him. Mom struggles with the wound on her leg which has a bacterial infection, it occured on Aug 4th, they finally got her to the Dr last week.

Sunday evening and many are readying to go back to work tomorrow, I would love to have a career, but of my choosing and my structure, not to be someone’s lackey, at this date in my life, I lack the finesse for such. As if Iever had any finesse!


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