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Life and Death

There it is, one or the other.  We lost Dad this past week, and had the funeral yesterday.  This has been one of the worst weeks of my life, he was the only father I have ever known, even tho he was Kevin’s father by birth.  The only grandfather my children have ever known, really big shoes for Kevin and Josh to fill. What an awesome man; he was so talented, so sweet, so aggravating, and so fastidious –was a word one of his co-workers used.  He always had it together, even when he could not eat and had a feeding tube, even when he could not walk and would run you over in the electric wheelchair, even when his hands shook with the Parkinson’s,he just sat there and pointed to what had to be done and used Kevin’s hands to do it. He never gave up, he never quit, just last week he & K finished and hung a huge clock in the healthcare activities room.  He was in the for Name that Tune and was disgusted there was no clock, so he ordered one, two feet in diameter, and they sanded, built, stained and hung it last week, then he got ill and ended up in the hospital on Sat night, by Thursday he was gone as we took him home and laid him in his bed. He kissed Mom hello at the door as the ambulance crew brought him in and we put him down on his bed and off he went to sing in heaven. They had better be ready because he can play Name that Tune! Mom is very confused and did wonderful through all that had to be handled, but she is like a little lost soul now with nothing or no one.  She is going to have to develop some new friends, as she spent every minute with him.

I got home today, our power has been out with all the wind here, the walnut tree blew over into the street and we were on the way to the viewing, God Bless our neighbor’s & the fire dept who cut it up and got it out of the street for us.  Kevin cut some up today for us to use with our new lathe and make some items. I cannot wait, Gail brought us a little tiny lathe that Unkie had given Uncle Bill many years ago, and gave it to us! It is a Toastmaster!!  Who knows how old it may be but it is in great shape.  I have been working with some red and white oak today, made some pendants, and then made several pairs of endcaps for double pointed needles, I am tired of my socks coming off the needles when I am trying to knit them! Laura’s monkeys are only on two needles now, and a mess. I will have to pull them back and put the point protectors on them.  I added them to my Etsy store today. I am going to do some that are felted, and put them up there also.  I think I will go to Laura’s in a couple of days and do some sewing and learn to embroidery with my machine. I have wasted enough time, but first I have to make sure that Mom and Kevin are ok, Kevin has taken Dad’s passing harder than any of us. It is going to be hard to go to the Glebe tomorrow and not head to Dad’s room.  We have things that have to be taken care of, and he will have to do it, especially if Mom gets hold of another Zanax, they last for days with her, and she is a total drunk! Poor thing. 

I am so sad, and so glad at the same time.  Dad is not suffering, but I miss him so, no one left to set us on the right trail.  I am not ready to be the elder of the family, There is too much left to do. So hard to actually take it in, think I will go to bed and knit my socks, that will feel normal again! Happy days will come again, I pray.


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