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Howdy Y’all!!

I am on a rant, so be forewarned!!!!

What is this all about? What have we as Americans become? I have been at Laura’s while she has been sick, and her rule is no watching the news! So when I get home, DH is telling me all the news I have missed, Obama has made fruitcake out of the Bible?  Hillary has given up her run, hard to believe! The border fence is still not built. A border agent was run over by a drug dealer trying to get away and go back to Mexico and no one at all cares that her 5 year old son is missing a mother, as she rots away in jail! We still have the other two in solitary for doing their job, what the hell???  As Greer the green parrot and his Papa would say,


I have said for over a year now, lets dredge the Rio Grande and make it deeper and wider, lets take all the dirt to New Orleans to build it up, let’s haul all the extra gators out of the Florida swamp and put them into the Rio Grande, and then throw Bill Mayer in to see how the “fence system” works.  If he comes back, then we need more gators!!

What is the government thinking, and has anyone read their Bible lately? That man in Iran is getting ready to destroy us all and here we sit giving prizes to Al Gore for what? The same things the hippies (that would be me) have been saying since the 70’s when Mother Earth News became the magazine of the day! I-we-my family- can live self sufficently, we have learned over the years what and how to do that? What is wrong with today’s kids? They want to be spoon fed and prenant at 13!! Who is going to end up taking care of all those babies, the babies themselves who gave birth to them in jr high school???  Whatever happened to expelling pregnant teens and making them home-bound students so everyone would not be high 5’ing their having sex and getting a sperm donor!  You had best pick up the book and read Revelations!!  There will always be wars and rumors of wars in the middle East, now Isreal is going to attack Iran, who is going to help them, if we do not, God will destroy us for not helping his people.  I am flabbergasted that as I decide to open a new business in teaching heritage arts for the young people, dyeing yarn and knitting, spinning, etc, so that at least they will know something of the old ways, and will be able to protect and feed themselves, they are all out having sex and getting pregnant, talk about adding to their problems!

Where are their parents????

Don’t they even care about their kids??  Have they not gone to the trouble of teaching these children anything? Can any of them care for themselves much less a baby?  Oh and let’s all run to help China and bring their babies back here to raise, that’s another great idea?? Who is helping the poor and outcast amongst us here in this country, instead of the Chinese, the Africans, I am sooo sick of hearing about their illnesses, they brought them on themselves, why should they expect someone else to come in and take care of them? The storms and the fury that are taking out large populations are all listed in the Bible and they have nothing to do with “Global Warming”. They have to do with prophesy and the actions of the people involved.  If we elect Obama into the our government, we are in for real trouble, his wife is the greatest hate monger I have ever seen on TV!! She is what my KKK Granddaddy would have called ‘an uppity nigger’ as he rolls in his grave and says “Elvis, save us!!” 

I am not a politician, I am not any thing, really. I am just an American with a voice, and this voice has paid the price to be able to state my feelings freely, my disabled Veteran Husband will tell you, there is no control for me, I am full out even if I am slower than I was 20 years ago. 30 years ago I was milking goats, raising hogs, chickens, rabbits, calves, and raising two beautiful babies, I could take care of myself and my family. I have the shooting trophy to prove what I can do with a 22 rifle. My redneck husband decided to join the Navy and serve the country called America, and what he got for his trouble is a load of Sadam’s nonexistent nerve gases and weapons of destruction, now he suffers daily with joint degeneration, back and spine degneration, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, Chronic PTSD, and severe depression. Wow, wouldn’t you love to be him?  Serve up the WMD’s folks, whether you believe in them or not, ask the guys who were there how they feel now!! You will not believe how many are medically retired with the same problems, and are not eligible for concurrent receipt because they did not make it to 20 years service, their bodies gave out and they became a liability, so shouldn’e we be giving them more, not less???

I told you I was on a rant, I forewarned you, now I want to tell you, I love my family, I love my country, I am so disappointed that no one in the government will listen to the people who make sense instead of the liberal secular progressives who are trying to take our society apart.  How can we be so stupid when we are supposed to be the most educated country on the Earth? I am ready to go back to the classroom and straighten out some of the misrepresentations. How long do you think I will last?

I look forward to teaching the old Foxfire Skills, if you have not read the Foxfire series done in the Appalchains in the 60’s and 70’s, look them up. It is a series of 4 books, yes everything comes back to books with me, that a group of college students put together about the old ways and went up into the hills and talked to the old people, and made a record of what and how they lived, it is fascinating reading.  You may need those skills soon, when we have to go back to the horse and buggy cuz their is no diesel left to fuel the new truck and horse trailer!! Me, I am for turning all the used cooking oil in the US into diesel and let the gas guzzelers cry!! Detroit has had the last word for too long on what we should and will be presented with to drive, long live the hybrid and the peanut oil fueled buses that Willie Nelson drives.


I am voting for Toby Keith and Willie Nelson as President and Vice President, as write ins in protest to the politicians, cuz I DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN BELIEVE ANY OF THEM!!!!!

Are you with me, mate? Shall we start a grass roots rebellion and take over this country and make someone who is already living what they preach our leaders??? 


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