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Well, We fell in it now!!

I just cannot tell you how ecstatic I am over the choice John McCain made for his VP!!!  Who would have ever thunk it?  Not only a woman, a whistle blower, a hunter, a lifetime member of the NRA, the mother of 5 kids, the latest of them an angel!  Not a Washingtonian who is just there to play the game! This is a REAL person, who has fought the bureaucracy and won. This is just wonderful– on with the games, I can hardly wait for her to debate old Joe Biden, ‘Scrappy Joe’  what a massacre that will be! He can begin to think like this lovely woman.

It is amazing that Alaska keeps coming up in our family, I put my name on the list for teaching in alaska and got several calls, then I looked at the temp there in July and decided my bones were too old for anything more than a visit! This is the year of history making, a black man is running for President, God help him, and a woman is the Republican VP candidate, these people have us all on our ears waiting for what they will do next.

Glenn Beck had Ted Nugent on this week, what a pair! I loved it and was so impressed with Ted, he is so full of himself and his way of life, if only all of us could be so confident, so clean and so sure of where we were headed! He said venison is the cleanest meat and he is monitoring his property and making sure that the balance is staying perfect with his animals.  Also a lot of talk about Texas, you know how I love TEXAS! I would love to live there when we are free. We are off to NM and Montana to look at property also, Laura’s house is for sale in SAT now, we have a tree that has uprooted the house and we have to have the home owners come out and fix it. I am looking up her insurance and checking to make sure it is covered.

Just what we need another trip! I have an interview Wednesday at 1 with disability determination, as a case worker. I am looking forward to the challenge. Should be interesting! Also, I have an interview for Rue 21 Manager and Hobby Lobby Asst manager. Thei nterviews are coming in finally, now let us see if there are any offers!


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