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What a great time!

This was the RNC week, Obama did an interview with Bill, John McCain actually appeared almost excited at the convention, my heart hurts for this hero of such gigantic proportions when I see him try to lift his arms. I see Kevin & Mike throw up their arms at each other,I must say the whole neighborhood is doing it now,it is almost like a Navy salute around here, meaning of course, “What the Hell?”  No matter where the guys see each other, i.e. downtown Roanoke during a parade, or up at the cematary to watch fireworks, not a word is said, just up go the arms!  John McCain cannot do that, and it hurts my heart,I look at finding another way for him to discretely learn to say with this little neighborhood, “What the Hell!”

Laura has a friend, we are very happy about that.  We had dinner together last night when we went to Danville to pick up things we left there and do laundry. Ofcourse, Mr.Bean got our dogs reinfected with fleas, so we had to wash them again today! I sure hope Jessica takes him enjoys him. Laura is looking at a step up at work and even less time at home, we got an ad in for the Finches, and will see what comes of that.  I am looking for a bird show so we can see what we can sell. I may go to Cathy’s and get the Senegal and take if there is a show around here any time soon.

I have called and left a message for Cathy that I want a meeting,a straightening out of the misunderstanding we obviously have, I am very hurt by it and I want it out in the open. I want to be able to talk to my friend, and see the horses, even if I never ride again, I want to help her, if she will only let me.  I have no idea what to think, how can you lose a friend of 30 years and not know why?

I am still applying and interviewing for jobs, yesterday at disability determination.  I want a school job, but as a counselor not a teacher. I wish now that I had gotten my Master’s in Guidance, not library, had I known then what I know now, I would have. I am seriously thinking of going back to get an e.ed. in Guidance and Curriculum.  Still no RT open, still no local school positions, and I am so ready for a change. I have no chance at the DD job I interviewed for yesterday, they were interviewing 18 people in the three days, I cannot hold up to all those younger people.  This jobs thing is bad!!!

But we are fine, here we have no bills, ha ha ha! What a joke, we are working to pay off the credit cards, the truckand the car, if I have to I will find something I can do even if it is hourly to get them paid off so we can buy a farm. That is all I care about right now.


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