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Me and My Friends!

Hello !  Long time no speak!

Hi Honey, I am home, Where are you?

He has been to Florida, Texas, and back to Georgia and headed home tonight! I have already voted, as a Florida resident, so I am so past all this election stuff, I hate that it is all I can find on the TV! I am now teaching computer applications at VWCC and loving it! Can’t just run off to Danville like I used to, but Laura is busy with her Kevin and her new job.

I have come alive again with the ability to be out in the world and to talk to people and teach again. It is a very wonderful feeling.  Last night, Laura and Kevin showed up in Roanoke and visited their G’ma Doris, at the Glebe and then came to see me, it was so sweet. I can feel a different feeling in my bones. It is like being– not dead, but not alive–and then really coming to life. Look at Kevin & Laura at the zoo in Asheboro, NC.

They are always going somewhere and doing something, which is very different for Laura. She has been like her Mom and sat around knitting and reading the past several years, now she has a reason to get up and go! This weekend they went to Mabry’s Mill and decided against the 2 hour wait for Buckwheat Pancakes, and went on to Chateau Morrissette, and ate there. Then they cruised the Blue Ridge Parkway and ended up here in Roanoke! What a wonderful surprise for me and G’ma!

Josh has an interview in November with the FBI and is very happy. He is back with Stephanie, and they are stuck like glue dots.  He is still work at Lewis Bear loading Budweiser trucks, studying for his CDL so he can get a day job running a route, and making more money. We are praying that he will be accepted by the FBI as an investigative agent. That is what he has always wanted, so of course, it is what we want for him. Step is in radiology school and has decided to become a Physician’s assistant.  They are both very intelligent kids and have put their minds to building a great future. As are Laura and Kevin, he will graduate in May and is studying precision milling, I do not know what that is because I do not understand when he talks about it, too over my head, just give me my computer! That I understand!

Want to meet some friends? And listen to a great production? Laura and Rick Steere have a ranch in Ridgeway, Va.  They raise about everything you can imagine. The most beautiful draft horses, angora bunnies, goats, alpacas, llamas, sugar gliders, coatimundi, even a miniature pig. You will find them here:

Laura & Rick Steere
Infinity Acres LLC Alpacas, Llamas, Petting Ranch & Percheron Horses
www.photoshow.com/members/momsteere check out our animal slideshow!!


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