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Merry Christmas!

I am late as usual, Mom is in ICU on a Ventalator so I think that is a good excuse! Laura & Kevin were with us for the holiday, Marcia and Lou also. Lou was a hoot as usual, had a great time at Todd & Belle’s, Santa came and it was really fun! I have been knitting my heart out and am still working on gifts. I need to finish the girls, we are heading out to Josh’s on Monday for his birthday. He and Stephanie got engaged last night, Laura and Kevin are planning a September wedding, then Josh and Step the next Spring. There cousin Ani is getting married June 26 in Folly Beach, SC. We will all head out for that, it should be great fun! I am hoping Josh and Steph will both be there as well as Laura and Kevin!

I think we enjoyed Christmas more this year, as we are finding that life is very fragile. Last year Dad, now Mom. We will be the elders soon and have a heavy burden to carry, not that Mom ever carried anything!  It was great to have the kids here, we all stayed at Mama Belle’s and Santa forgot his greatest gift for the kids! That was pretty funny!


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