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Last Day of 2007

Mornin’!  Here we are on the last day of the year. What have we accomplished this year?

Done a lot of knitting, played with paper and multi-media, built and sold some looms, taught some people to spin, knit and weave, played with my grand nieces, organized and sorted about a ton of fiber, moved Laura to her new home and set it up for her, (she was setting up the new Starbucks in Danville, Va., hiring & training and working 18 hr days!), saved the guard dog from being euthanized for doing his job, missed my T and her girls like a toothache, rode horses a lot of the Blue Ridge Parkway horse trails through the mountains, looked at property to build a family retreat, moved about 3 horse trailers full of JUNK from Fl to Va, spent some time at the beach and with Josh, got Kevin a storage building (12X24 built by the Amish),  filled it with JUNK and lots of power tools, table saw, wood lathe, band saw, miter saw, reloading equipment, he has loaded tons of bullets this year, given some away and traded some for deer which we canned and froze, 5 of them!  Went hunting, fishing and to the Outer Banks with our dear friends, had a blast catching fish and eating them, they have a wonderful hide-away down there! 

This coming year we are going to Pennsylvania with them.  We have a dream of seeing North and South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and NM this year–I said a dream! If diesel stays at $3.50 a gallon, I guess we will start burning converted peanut oil or get the left over from chinese resturants who soak everything in oil and then throw it out! All of Willie’s buses run on converted oil, but then he has a little more money than us. 

Kevin is going to the shooting range to collect brass and lead, barely able to walk but he is still going like the ever-ready bunny.  I am going to spend the day with my friend, Joan, and we will make something, Lord only knows what!  May put some programs on her Baby Lock for her, or make some polymer clay dolls, or paint a picture, it doesn’t really matter as long as we have fun!

I feel very alone this year, with Mother and Auntie gone, neither of my brothers speaking to me, who knows why, I don’t!  We spend 75% of our time looking after Mom & Dad even tho they pay a fortune a month for care at the Glebe, if we do not go at least every other day, they are ignored.  In that they know we are coming, they take pretty good care of them.  Dad is busy with little projects but Mom sits there and says she can’t get anything done.  Too busy saying she can’t get anything done and asking Kevin to do it all for her to even begin to do anything. I have tried to get her knitting again, and doing some of the things she used to enjoy, but she is adamantly unhappy. That is her choice whereas Dad is in terrible shape, on a feeding tube, making and repairing clocks and fixing little things, with a project going constantly. His statement is always the same, Feel bad, so what? What we gonna do today, let’s get something done! He gets in the electric wheelchair and you have to run to keep up with him! Take him to Sam’s, you might as well sit down and wait, he is going to SHOP!!!  He is a living miracle, we give thanks for him and his attitude daily!  If we could only get Mom inspired to do something, anything! 

New Year’s Day in Pensacola, Fl this year. We always try to be here for Josh’s Birthday on Dec 29. It is hard to believe my baby child is 26 years old.  He is so strong and so capable, it is awesome to see him at work.  He is such a procrastinator tho! He leaves everything to the last minute and then gets in a flurry that his Dad and I find very disconcerting!  We are moving at a slower pace these days, and do not rush unless absolutely necessary. We see people hurrying everywhere, off to work, kids to the day care, running each other off the road, for what? The almighty dollar?  Cut out half the stuff you do not NEED to survive and you won’t have to be in such a rush, play with your children and you will be much more satisfied, give your neighbors your phone number in case of emergency, yes, that means you have to introduce yourselves, look out for each other, pass a little gift to someone in need, make a resolution to be nicer this year, to move slower and enjoy some little thing each day, before your days are over and everyone you love is gone.  Moms, stay home with your children until they go to school and make sure they know you and know that you love them, Dads, take time out for each child each week and do something special, they need you too!  People, stop screwing around indiscriminately and having children out of wedlock! The effect is yet to be seen on the latchkey kids and the children raised without any role models at home, ask Montel, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, they will give you the stats on the problems, Bill Cosby will tell you if you would only listen!  The spread of disease is eating away at our society, gangs and atheists are tearing us apart, what ever happened to being proud of our religion and our God? Start this new year with love and God in your hearts and see if you can’t accomplish more, in a nicer way and consider others before yourself, what a novel idea! 

It is a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day in Florida, I am going outside and soak up the rays and pray for  us all!


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I am so happy!!!!!!!!
I am in Pensacola, Fl with my son, Josh, who will be 26 on Dec 29! I am so thrilled to be in 75 degrees and see my “baby”–he just hates that! We have been having wonderful discussions, debates, and enjoying the stimulation of being able to try to outdo each other intellectually. He is always a good challenge for me and keeps me from getting Alzheimer’s!! I do so adore this young man and am so proud of him. Today we are under tornado warnings, the rain has been amazing, especially since I was in the camper, I took Sweet Pea and Dolly and went inside, Josh gave me three remotes to operate the huge TV.
It is in the 70’s and so lovely when the sun is out. It feels reviving and refreshing just to be in the Florida air. Maybe that is why I have felt so depressed lately. I needed the wide open spaces of the Gulf of Mexico. Now I am feeling the need to purchase a condo on the intracoastal side for when we come down, renting it out the rest of the time. I did have this fleeting picture of the wind blowing the camper away so we could get a smaller one that is lighter with a toy hauler!! I had that ‘this isn’t Kansas anymore, Toto’ image!
I am knitting up a storm of my own, trying to complete: Icelandic shawl, felted kitchen mitt, oven glove, and pot holders and tudora for Tana when I get to Georgia. I also have with me the monkies, the diabetic sock, the marvelous mitts, and a bag of shoulder shrugs that are half finished. And Janet Evanovich’s High Five!
I picked up the new Quilting Arts Gift Magazine
and it is wonderful! Some of the neatest fabric wrapping, mixed media samplers, and a totally awesome needle felted and stitched purse ‘English country garden’. I love book making and it has an article on journals! Fabric winterish prints for covers, pretty cool, I have some new ideas!!
The new Threads has some wonders of its own. Mini purses, darted skirts, dazzling chiffon, and specialty feet for every sewing job! Pretty cool, I got some new ideas from there also. There is an extra section on embroidery attached which covers embroidering on everything and anything. As you can tell, I am into multimedia projects, and between these two and ‘Cloth, Paper, Scissors’ I am on fire with ideas and projects in my head!! It just means I can’t sleep with all these visions running around in what brain I have left, they are vivid and awesome and will not leave me alone!!
I am so excited about creating in the New Year, you will see some new directions in my Etsy store!
See ya on New Years for my next post! Keep on knittin’ and browse no more than 6 hours a day on ravelry!!

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We are heading out of here for a break! Going to see Josh & Steph, sell the Ghenoe and the piano, get ready to clear the house out some more, Josh has preliminary acceptance for the SpeCial Agent position with the FDLE. That is his dream job and we are going to help be supportive! It also means that he will eventually be going to the police academy and then wherever he is assigned!!
We are going fishing and over to Dauphin Island, up to Lake Stone, kayaking, we plan to walk the beach with Dolly! I am going to take her swimming! I cannot wait to go to the commissary, and the Exchange, to Correy to the gym! YeeHaw! I am excited! We are taking the Van and have given up trying to take the camper to Blue Angel Park, unless we run into someone who has a big truck and will take her out there and pick her up for us! Josh is wanting us to sell her, and pay off some bills, then geta smaller one like our friends have just found and fixed up! He got a lite hauler for an excellent price, put new carpet in it, cleaned it up and has a wonderful trailer where he can carry his motorcycles!
I will take pics so you can all see how beautiful Pensacola is, and my grandgirls! I am going to Tana’s for a few days to play with them! How fun it will all be with no responsibilities!! The care of the elderly is weighing heavily especially upon Kevin! Laura will be in and out here, as well as Heath, and Belle! I am hoping that all will be well.

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