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We have begun selling on Etsy, at     


and are finding it to be a great experience! Things have started selling and we are looking at some advertising on Ravelry which should bring many people to our shop. I am happy to say Kevin is selling his Nostepinne’s that he learned to make on his wood lathe. 

We jsut celebrated Mother’s Day with Laura and her Grandma, it was a great weekend although it rained all day on Sunday! It was one of those, blow your umbrella inside out, rains! We did take them Saturday to the Home Place Resturant on top of Catawba Mountain.  It was wonderful and we got right in, no waiting, of course we got there an hour before they ‘opened’ and they were already open, so beats me!  But it worked out wonderfully, and all had a great time.

Sunday Ani called and told her grandmother she had gotten engaged, to which her ‘memaw’ said finally! Now you will not be living in sin, and of course, she turned to us and said “well, you know Ani is an Artist”  I said, ‘Yes, I know, I are one too’ to which my husband of over 30 years relpied,’Well, why did we get married?’

Now we have one turning 30 this weekend and one 26, unbelievable! People told us the time would fly, and I prayed it would, now that I look back on those times, I think I managed well while we were in the Navy, and I was raising these young’un’s. At the time, I felt stretched to the limit, but I do believe that I needed a hobby!

The depression took over and there were weeks I did not leave my room, I just sat there and read books, now that I look back, I see all the symptoms.  I am on antidepressants now, a heavy dose but I still have times when I do not want to leave the house and I struggle with it daily. I used to be so funny and made everyone laugh and I had friends, many of them, was respected and loved by the whole Navy family for my help as an Ombudsman! I think when we left Mayport and went to an airdale community, I lost my way.  Nothing was the same and we were shunned by the airdales. After all, we were some of very few snipes (sea going rates-black shoes as it was). Kevin excelled there and got his wings and was the first sailor there to have both warfare, ship and air, pins ever.  Then he was transferred back to the ship and left us behind as he made Chief aboard the USS Vicksburg, CG-69! Wow, we were all so proud!!  We had a Navy Chief in the family, he had studied for over a year every day for 4 hours after work and made it first time up!

Now we are retired, living on pensions, I am making crafts to have mad money, which I love!! I just hate depending on it! Laura and I have started a new business of dyeing the yarns, and hand painting them and she is wonderful!! She makes the most beautiful combinations! 

I have happily been contracted  to teach for 4 weeks this summer at the

ALABAMA FOLK SCHOOL and am really looking forward to it! I am teaching first a week of clock building in Dad’s Memory. Then a week of Knitting Accessories, then Knit’n & Purl’n, and finally Paper Arts!

I am so excited, I will spend some time with Josh between weeks and some with Tana! It will be a great summer if we get enough enrolled, so I am going to advertise those classes like crazy!!

I am off to complete some pendants and make them into necklaces and put them on Etsy!! See you there! 




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Well, life goes on, doesn’t it?  I have had such a hard time with this loss.  I went to Laura’s to hide and not deal with it and guess what happened?  I made some wonderful new friends,  boy-oh-boy that really helped.  I sewed and knitted like a fool!! I had some very creative moments, sat at the Starbucks with the sweetest group of ladies, knitting our hearts out, and chatting having a latte, ummmm,  now that is living!  I recommend friends to everyone for a respite and support.  Laura is such a loving daughter, she is having a rough deal at the moment and we are all in serious prayer for her.  It is difficult to work in a oppressed atmosphere where everyone is afraid or angry.  I can hardly believe that it is coming up on the end of March and time to go to Florida. I have Dr appts and meds to refill.  I think Josh may need some support as well, he is trying so hard to get a good job in his field,  struggling with making ends meet, and missing all of his family.  I feel like scooping him up and bringing him here with the rest of us, but he feels out of place here, he has no memories to speak of from this part of the worls.  We joined the Navy when he was 5 and took off for parts unknown, so he has not got the roots here that Laura and her Dad and I have.  Mom is doing better than I expected, she is so sad and does not understand why but I have a song for her—– Farther along we will understand…….. I shall take her my Gaither’s CD with Ivan Parker singing that song.  Maybe that will keep her company while we are gone.

We leave Tuesday and take Sweet Pea to Laura’s, spend the night with her and see my friends! Then we will go from there to Tana’s and spend the night there, before we go on to Pensacola and Josh’s where we will lite for a couple of weeks!  I am ready, I need to walk the beach and clear my head, I need to smell the salt water and fish for oops……..gig for flounder with my son!  In that mean boat that threw me out and tried to pull my arm off! 

We have one set of trilooms left, 5 and a half foot with easel, I want to sell it and never see it again.  The looms kept us alive and Kevin busy, but now he has moved on to better and funner things that he can make with his wood lathe.  He has been making nostepinnes, he says ‘nasty pins’  and I won’t tell you what his next idea is spurred on by that!

We have been loading yarn, pendants, bags and goodies on etsy, now I am ready for a vacation.  I look forward to that nasty smell we used to complain about when we crossed the bridge into Mayport, you could smell the bog, the swamp there, but it meant we were home for so many years when we were stationed there.  Now I look forward to that smell as we hit the Pensacola coastline!  White sands and margaritas, ya ya!  We will see about those margaritas when we get the results of my blood sugar tests from the Dr. I hope that he will increase my metformin, then I can eat a little more. 

Yoo hoo! That is all I hear now that Zorro has moved into the sitting room from my craft room.  He does not like to be alone, but I will bring his play stand back this trip and he can come in here with me.  He really likes to “help” by eating whatever I am working on!!  At least he has learned to say ‘thank you’ which alerts me to his having taken something!  I am off to make some clay pendants and beads and eat some lunch,

Let’s make a pact! Let’s all agree to smile no matter what, it is so hard to be sad, mad, upset, aggravated or bent out of shape with a smile on your face……………….and you just might help someone else who really needs to see that smile!   Happy day!

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It appears that no matter what happens in this world, we all have the opportunity to look at it as wonderful or terrible.  Now there are many who will remain unnamed, who find the worst in each day, who moan and groan their way through life and then blame it on everyone but themselves, we all have some of those in our lives.  Then there are those that see sunshine everywhere no matter what happens to them, even when they have bad medical news they take the well, I knew something was not right, now I know what it is and I will deal with it.  Then there are the rest of us who fluctuate between the two, even on 40 mgs of Paxil a day.  I fight depression and panic attacks every day of my life, as does my lovely daughter, but those looking on ……..they would never know that about us.  Even members of our own family are blissfully unaware, have no time to notice or care, which is fine, we have each other.  We understand each other like no one else ever could, we have a bond that is stronger than death.  When we need help, we come to each other, the three of us: T, L, me.  We have a special closeness, an ability not everyone has to empathize and calm each other.
I have just spent a week in Georgia with T and the family and how wonderful it has been.  The girls are gorgeous, growing like weeds, both knitting now, Em is REALLY good and interested.  She is very artistic and talented, as well as plaing basketball, Josh went up and played the Wii with them, they had a blast!!  The girls were sad when he left and Liv said, “J-osh-u-a is really fun!!”  She wanted to sleep with him, bless her heart, to make sure he did not leave! 
Rog had some home brewed beer the guys enjoyed while T and I went to AC Moore and got pizza, 4 liters had disappeared by the time we got back with the pizza and they were all ready to eat, ha ha!!  I think if more had been cold, more would have disappeared!  T gave the home brew set to Rog for Christmas, and he made wooden pens for everyone.  He had to teach us each to make pens on the lathe, even Em, and we all got to take one or more home, that was really cool, Kevin really got into the wood and the lathe as he just got us one but had never used it.  Now he knows how and is fired up about it, which is good, he needs a change from bullets! Altho, some guy atthe range gave him a huge bag of 30-30 brass to reload, he was very pleased with that, and he laid away all the lead bullets Uber’s had!  We have been cutting down trees that are too close to the house here in Florida, expecting another hurricane sooner or later, and no need to risk having to redo the house again! It looks beautiful, and only needs the master bath redone and the hurricane shutters put up.  Josh and Eric are taking really good care of it and keeping everything up.  Not to Papa’s standards, but they are doing a good job, just not his way!
On the other front, Mom and Dad are doing ok, Mom is back to AL and Dad has an appt Monday with his feeding tube Dr. it is giving him some problems.  It is snowing and very cold there, L goes to the OB-GYN for a second opinion on Monday as we arrive at her house,  we are taking Duncan to her.  He is around 11 or 12 now, and is ready to settle into an elderly gentleman’s routine and she wants him with her. She took the feral cat to the Humane Society after he had the nerve to pee on her in her sleep twice! She is ready for her old cat who is a love, still huge and still begging to be loved, they will be perfect together. so when we go up the road, it will be with a 70 lb hunk of muscle, Sweet Pea, who did amazingly well at the boarder’s and never even offered to bite anyone! Dolly in her crate, and Duncan in his crate, and Zorro in his cage on his table where he can see out and comment on the scenery!  What a family we will be! I need to route us to Danville, as we usually go through Tennessee to I 81– I am thinking this could be shorter or longer, we will see. 
Roanoke was on the weather channel today as it is in the snow band, and I had to laugh, and call Belle to tell her I was out on the beach in my bikini, what a lie!  She called me a dirty devil and laughed, knowing it was raining here.  She is struggling with the cold and I worry and pray for her daily, Cathy as well, I know not what is going on there.  Another tale for another day.  Who would have ever thought I would look forward to going back to Virginia?? I feel like a lost soul with no home.  I miss L and want to be with her.  I miss Belle and Cathy, and want to be with them, I dread returning to that cramped, out of date little house with the spirits that do their best to make me sad.  and Mad.  and Depressed.  and Mean like them.  I keep telling them to go away, but they do not, I think Gramps is gone now, we have not seen him lately since I informed him he was dead and needed to go to the light, he was driving Kevin crazy.  I think it is the women that are so oppressive.  Mother is gone and could care less, but Auntie still wants to rule with an iron hand, I cannot even throw out all the trahsy old junk that is wrapped in many layers of paper and plastic, without feeling the pressure change in the room.  I would like to spray paint the whole place white and bright, it is so dark and dreary, and covered in soot.  L wants to get a line of credit and have everything fixed starting with the electric and plumbing. I figure $25,000. should reroof, side, replumb, rewire, and maybe even but some paint.  What a mess.  L would like to add a second story as well, I cannot deal with all of that! She can do that when she transfers back from Danville and is a store manager.  Altho, She says she is not moving in there, but getting a nice apartment in Raleigh Court and letting Heath and Anastasia live there, if they want.  She has had enough depression and loves her new place with it’s light and windows everywhere,  and lots of room to work.  We have a ball at her place with al our toys, we dye, spin, knit and have our own hobby room! Actually, two of them!!  One is all tile, so we can hang up all the dyed fiber and let it dry there without worrying about dying the floors or walls! 
Laura’s New Haircut  Laura’s new haircut, cute, huh??
I shall give you none of my views today, I am sick of the political coverage, and everyone discussing nothing else on TV, politics and the writers strike. Is there no one in the world who can ad lib??  Must we all follw a script?  Is there nothing funny or touching to discuss without someone to write it for us? And I said no views today! I vote to turn off the TV and use our minds to entertain us! If we play a game with our kids, will the world come to an end?  Even if it is Texas Hold ’em——-Josh’s favorite, of course.  Maybe if we exercise our brians our butts will follow, what a novel idea!  Perhaps, even good eating and good health could come out of this writer’s strike, I vote that it never be settled, and this be the end of TV as we know it!!  Let it be real or not at all!!  Let’s all play canasta and crazy 8’s and have a conversation……………..ok, you do remember that, talking together and enjoying each other’s company? 

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