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Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas To All!!!

I have been bustin’ butt on knitting gifts while hangin’ out with my fav knitter, Laura! Now I am homesick for my girls in Georgia! I am looking forward to heading to Florida later this month, and have made the decision to make a trip, even if I go alone, to Georgia at the very least every 3 months. I have missed so much with my babies this year, and for what?? I have accomplished nothing here that I could not have done there. I have been here to look after Kevin as he looks after his parents–a total full time job and more–and he has needed me but now he has learned how to pay the bills and how to keep track of all the dates! We are both depending more and more on his little notebook!
In the meantime, Liv has been cheering one whole season without her Granny Page, Em is playing on the middle school basketball team, Liv is cheering now for church teams- to keep her speech work up. I feel like I am millions of miles away and unable to do the things I really want to with the girls.
Josh is working hard, not smart, but maybe someday he will realize that he can put in his own job applications and stop depending on me to keep up with who is hiring in Pensacola and Florida! I have put in so many, I can recite the resume! I did hope he would get the process server job in Escambia County for experience in his field until he gets to the State Police Academy. The next class being in June 08. In the meantime, he must meet all the other requirements and this, like the special agent app. is one of those 6-8 month affairs to get on the waiting list.
Laura is chugging along at Starbucks. She tells me yesterday that they are looking for a manager in Kitty Hawk, I freaked–go go go!!! She refuses to move again, and does not want to be that far away from the grandparents. But Jeez!!! The outer banks of North Carolina are so beautiful and cool! She says no one spins and knits there, I bet someone does! We are heading to Roanoke Sunday afternoon, she has a doctor appt monday and will stay with us.
Kevin got another deer and got it all canned up by himself, is fussing at me for more clean jars, so I will begin running them thru here with the dishwasher! The only one in the house there are 2 hands, whoever the spirit moves, usually me but if I leave them long enough, he will wash them!! I am excited to think about heading to Florida for Christmas, it is so much warmer there than here, and my little camper awaits me! Yee haw! Walking on the beach with Dolly and Pea and cooking with Josh, have to see my doc on the 27th. I am not happy with my weight loss, I have only lost 20 lbs since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and I need to lose 30 more pounds. I do feel better and am able to keep my sugar down if I am consistent with what I eat, but I have a weakness for sweets, even tho they are sugar free. I made apple brown betty last night with oatmeal and splenda at midnight and we had it with frozen sugar free kool whip, it was great with decaf Shade Grown Mexican Starbucks coffee. WOW what decadence!!
Kim’s girlfriend got in from Florida and we were celebrating, they will be moving to their new place tomorrow, and Laura will have her home back. Kim is one of her employees who ended up homeless several weeks ago and Laura took her in, despite everything, and it has turned out good. It could have gone so wrong!
This is my new year’s project. Sarah sent me a cone of yarn from her shop as a gift, no one better say anything about Sarah’s Yarns but good stuff to me!! I am making it into this shawl. The KAL is starting again in January, and I am so excited. This may take me some time, but I am going to enjoy the process and look forward to wearing it for next Christmas!
I am also starting one of two planned Hemlock Blanket Rings, one is chocolate brown and one is tan in Cascade’s Eco Wool, and they will look like this:

Is that purdy or what??
I got the yarn at Mosaic in Blacksburg Virginia last spring and it is waiting for just the right project, here they are!! Don’ you just love that!!??
I am ready for the new year, this one has been up and down, and very raggedy.
I have not heard from Cathy in month’s and call and leave messages, but she does not call, and K says too much emotional energy is wasted there. She last wanted us to make monthly payments to her for Jewel’s care and boarding, which would be fine if that had been our agreement and I could go there and ride whenever I wanted, but that has never been the case. She is mad at herself for letting herself be taken by Randy and Sam, and is taking it out on the rest of the world. She knows where I am if she wants to talk.
I am asking for auction ware for Christmas, so I can start my own auctions, one for gun parts and bullets, and one for crafting supplies only. ETSY is great, for handmade items, and going great guns, not for me but for other items, but it is a sale not an auction. I like it better, I see something I want, I can choose to either pay the price or negotiate with the store owner or not but it. No waiting and seeing if I won the auction, I hate that, that is why I want to own my own auction sites, so that I can get other people hooked on bidding on stuff and ending up paying way more than they should cuz the REALLY want it!!
Laura has been doing some designing and I have been doing her sewing and se have both been knitting her new designs, she is really good at that, says she cannot do the math involved in knitting accesory design, then goes right on with the new quilting square ruler I got her and does all her own math!! We have made items for the girls for their needles and supplies, which will be in Georgia for the New Year and lots of yarn stash is heading their way as they both are knitting along with thier lovely mother! Em has no time with basketball, but Liv likes to have her “own” when her Mom is knitting! I miss them so much.
We will begin our New Year in Florida this year, being with Josh and Eric, going up to Georgia when they return from Virginia, yes, we are going there and they are coming here!! What a hoot!! Josh will be 27 on the 29th, and it is hard to believe that our lives are 2/3rds over, where did the time go? That is why I am so aware of how this year has basically been wasted. I have over $20,000. in student loans; no job, have only put in about 100 applications, but am always turned down, K does not want me to work, so I am the only person in the family with a Master’s degree and still no job. I thought about 30 seconds about going back for a PhD and seeing if that would get me a job, I would like to teach at the college level, but I do not want to be tied down, so I shall just use the education I got and set up the auctions I want with the software, and then see how that goes. I do not want to have to be on the computer all the time, so hopefully it will work well and I can hire a consultant to run the sites. I am thinking about Kim and Cassie for that!
Welp, I have sucessfully wasted a whole morning on keeping caught up here! I am disappointed that about.com has not deemed it worhty to have a spinning or weaving person. I would really like to do that! I keep looking to see if they have an opening, maybe I will write them again today, I also have plans to do some dyeing of wool today and some knitting to complete a hat a mitts for me, I am getting cold up here!! Love you all, keep up the smiles for the New Year, let it be prosperous for us all!!!

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