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We have begun selling on Etsy, at     


and are finding it to be a great experience! Things have started selling and we are looking at some advertising on Ravelry which should bring many people to our shop. I am happy to say Kevin is selling his Nostepinne’s that he learned to make on his wood lathe. 

We jsut celebrated Mother’s Day with Laura and her Grandma, it was a great weekend although it rained all day on Sunday! It was one of those, blow your umbrella inside out, rains! We did take them Saturday to the Home Place Resturant on top of Catawba Mountain.  It was wonderful and we got right in, no waiting, of course we got there an hour before they ‘opened’ and they were already open, so beats me!  But it worked out wonderfully, and all had a great time.

Sunday Ani called and told her grandmother she had gotten engaged, to which her ‘memaw’ said finally! Now you will not be living in sin, and of course, she turned to us and said “well, you know Ani is an Artist”  I said, ‘Yes, I know, I are one too’ to which my husband of over 30 years relpied,’Well, why did we get married?’

Now we have one turning 30 this weekend and one 26, unbelievable! People told us the time would fly, and I prayed it would, now that I look back on those times, I think I managed well while we were in the Navy, and I was raising these young’un’s. At the time, I felt stretched to the limit, but I do believe that I needed a hobby!

The depression took over and there were weeks I did not leave my room, I just sat there and read books, now that I look back, I see all the symptoms.  I am on antidepressants now, a heavy dose but I still have times when I do not want to leave the house and I struggle with it daily. I used to be so funny and made everyone laugh and I had friends, many of them, was respected and loved by the whole Navy family for my help as an Ombudsman! I think when we left Mayport and went to an airdale community, I lost my way.  Nothing was the same and we were shunned by the airdales. After all, we were some of very few snipes (sea going rates-black shoes as it was). Kevin excelled there and got his wings and was the first sailor there to have both warfare, ship and air, pins ever.  Then he was transferred back to the ship and left us behind as he made Chief aboard the USS Vicksburg, CG-69! Wow, we were all so proud!!  We had a Navy Chief in the family, he had studied for over a year every day for 4 hours after work and made it first time up!

Now we are retired, living on pensions, I am making crafts to have mad money, which I love!! I just hate depending on it! Laura and I have started a new business of dyeing the yarns, and hand painting them and she is wonderful!! She makes the most beautiful combinations! 

I have happily been contracted  to teach for 4 weeks this summer at the

ALABAMA FOLK SCHOOL and am really looking forward to it! I am teaching first a week of clock building in Dad’s Memory. Then a week of Knitting Accessories, then Knit’n & Purl’n, and finally Paper Arts!

I am so excited, I will spend some time with Josh between weeks and some with Tana! It will be a great summer if we get enough enrolled, so I am going to advertise those classes like crazy!!

I am off to complete some pendants and make them into necklaces and put them on Etsy!! See you there! 




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Dolly BabyIris Civil War ShawlAs we were discussing the day and plans, ideas for this week coming up, DH (depending on the day: dear, darn, dratted, dirty husband) asked what’s selling on ETSY?  For many years he has taken a lot of pictures and I have sorta sorted them, then added them to boxes to be scrapped someday when I am sitting around.  He has always been very talented at this and made some awesome pics.

My reply to him was ‘prints’. Of what?  Strange things, I says.  Like two birds sitting on a barn roof, this seller has sold 23 of them, 8X8 for $10.00 each.  The look, honestly, the look as he calculated that, I had to crack up.  There is another seller, I says, selling 1″X1″ picture pendants for $4.50. That’s cheap he says. Well, I says, she has sold over 7000 of them this past year, I am watching that calculating in his pea brain! That, he says, requires a calculator, which means, you need to get busy and start making these tiny treasures!

So, there are two new streams of income in the first week of the year.  Did I tell you our goal this year was to add one stream of income per month?  I had to put a damper on all this creativity very quickly or we might reach our goal in the first week of the year, so I says—

Need a new lazer printer, gonna cost a lot! Need to get these prints to look professional, wanna guess the rely? Call Tana, she gets her prints done at Walgreens for 19 cents each, and doesn’t use up her own ink. Silly man, I do not want 4X6 pictures printed, I want PRINTS on archival paper with style to sell.  Then he turns in circles twice, I do think he is part dog–that is another story– and says where are all those barn pictures you took 2 years ago to make calendars? On a disc. Let’s start with them, he says, and just use elements of each one, in circles, or squares, or ovals, or………………….Does anyone see where this is going?  Sure enuf, the next words out his mouth, ‘you have a master’s degree in this computer stuff, you know what to do!!!’

I think I will call Laura and see if she wants to dye some mohair, or some wool when I get back, that I am familar with, this is scaring me, too much creativity, imagination, and far too many ideas for the 5th of January, 2008!!

I did put up some Google ad sense ads on my pages, hoping someone will click on them and that would be stream of income number 3! I think I shall work on expanding that stream through out the year.  I am sitting in the warm breezes of Pensacola, Fl and watching Zorro preen, Sweet Pea nap, Dolly study her Papa outside trying to figure out what he is doing–he is cutting down Josh’s tree, we will see how that goes over!  The sun is shining brightly and the cars are flying by on Fairfield, I had forgotten how noisy it is here! Dolly and I both nearly lost it early on Wednesday morning when the Blue Angels went practicing over the house.  I had not remembered how much I hated that!  They are not my friends, as they fly very early and make much noise, I know, I know, everyone loves the Blues,  let you in on a secret—-NOT everyone!  Hockey game tonight,  Josh will be making coffee, and I am going over to Joan’s and finish the jewelry I was making.  Maybe, maybe in the morning on my way to Tana’s.  I am so looking forward to seeing my girls and Rog! Very happy to head to their house.  I have my scrapper’s tote full to over flowing with goodies and ideas! I want to make Josh a new clock since he is not fond of the caffeine kitty!  I love it and will take it home with me, but he does not love it, so I will make him a life clock.  I have it all planned out, with little aircraft carriers, florida tags, flip flops, police badges,  baseballs, softballs, basketballs, footballs, skim boards, coffee cups, all that symbolize who and what he is!  I hope he likes this one,  Mr. Picky!!  I found Tana’s Christmas presents from 2 years ago that I had misplaced and been hunting ever since, in a gift bag, under the cardboard bottom, in the closet in the camper!  Do not have a clue why I did not look there first! Just like when Josh needed his birth certificate and paid $50. to have it sent asap for his state trooper application and it was in the box marked ‘ important documents’ in the camper.  Doesn’t everyone use their camper as a safe???

Now he says, they will send me to Miami, I do not want to go. So he is applying here at the ECSO and Pensacola Police.  Is it legal to hit a 26 year old male type son over the head with his own baseball bat?? How do you get him to understand there is more to life than playing ball? When will he realize that a job with health insurance comes before a flag football tourney?  How does a Mom get these things across without being a nagger?  WOOOOOT! That was close!  Almost a slip of the finger!!

Today I start my Civil War Shawl, using Jaggerspun Merino Top from Australia, which I got from www.sarahsyarns.com  and it will look like this when complete, except in a vivid purple! 

Civil War Shawl     Civil War Shawl Angel    tshawl3.jpg    Spin

I am very excited about starting the shawl, it is so large, we plan to work it as a KAL and it will take until June to complete as the last rows have over 1200 stitches per row! It is so beautiful! I have some socks on the needles, some cowls, finsihed Tana’s and it is beautiful, will get pics up before it is gifted!  I am making some now to sell on Etsy, and procrastinating about the marvelous mitts (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5154376 ) because I really want to make some other things, like socks! I have some great yarns we got when we went to Hillsborough, NC- Laura & I- and I am anxious to get thru with present knitting and hit it for myself!! Selfish, huh?  Sorry, I deserve it, I am special, I am in the positive zone and no one can make me come down, I will not let it in! I shall accomplish things this year that no one has imagined, I am tired of sitting around waiting for it to come to me, I shall go and get it……………………………..what is ‘it’?

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Dreamspinners on ETSY!!

We have opened an Etsy shop and are very proud of it! Come by and visit!!http://www.opcola.etsy.com/

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A traveling face cloth!

I have been very ill with a stupid virus, now my hubby has it, yech! All I want to do is knit, I am working on a summer shawlette and a candle flame shawl for Laura. Now I am trying to figure out why all the knitting I am doing is for her, and she has yet to gift me with socks! Oh that’s right, she did give me ONE fingerless glove that she made too big for herself and the yarn to make the other one! Isn’t that a sweet daughter??
Another of my traveling clothes! I have to have something to do, on the left is the first clue to the MS3 I am using Zephyr Steel and e beads, I think I already posted that!
I am going through some changes in my life, I have found myself betrayed and lied to by my “best” friend, and what is keeping me sane at the moment is my knitting, my spinning, and my daughter’s dye skills! Ihave sent all my naked yarn, mohair and wool to her to dye for me, and then I will spin it and we will have lace weight for the Icelandic Shawl. Seems silly to order yarn when I have a freezer full of fiber as well as 350# peanut bags full of wool, white and black. As well as 5 spinning wheels!
Here is the thing about spinning, it allows you to think. I do not want to think about what I have lost, so I knit lace, it requires concentration and attention to detail. If you look back in my blog you will see pictures of my horses, which were gifts from my friend, which I no longer have, as well as the horses. I do not know if they are still there or not, and am afriad to look after I was informed one had been traded for farrier services! I am having problems getting my mind around the fact that a friend of over 30 years would lie to me, and take away something that precious to me.
Therefore, I knit and am going to look for a part time counseling position as soon as we return from Florida. We need to go and tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary, but Kevin is very ill with the virus I had last week, so we are going to just hang here. Hopefully,he will be able to eat by Thursday, I want to go to The Home Place on the top of Catawba Mountain which is my favorite place to eat! All home cooked food served at an old table in the family dining room(s) and you choose your meats, everything else comes with it! And I mean everything! Even cobbler with ice cream! It is so beautiful, in an old farm home on a large acreage, with a pond and cows all around.
I am off to work on the Candleflame Shawl ,got a long ways to go!!

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This is the mystery stole I am working on, my first beaded project, this is not even half of clue one, but it is so pretty! I am using Zephyr Steel Grey and E Beads.
I have been on a roll with cloths, not dish cloths, face cloths, although the ones I took Mom & Dad they are using as doilly’s!
This guy has been on the needles forever! It is last years Garden Mystery Shawl, I finished one for Cathy and this one is for me, you see, itis not finished yet. I did finish the Sun Ray Shawl from Elann, and gave it to Laura, it still needs to be blocked, but she went out to the movies in it last night! I may or may n ot catch a glimpse of her going by and get a picture! I am going home to Danville with her this evening for a few days, so I will get a picture.

We had a wonderful 4th, Laura was home, her friends, Jess & Tim, came over and we had a blast with Heath and the baby! After Jess & Tim left to take a nap, going to the movies at midnight! Laura took us up to the cemetery on the hill in the PT convertible, and we watched the fire works from there! We thought that was sucha novel idea, to go to the cemetery, guess what?? It was PACKED, there were as many live people as there were dead people!! We could not drive thru for the families that had gathered in their lawn chairs around their grave sites and were having picnics and waiting on the fireworks! It was totally amazing and much more interesting than the fireworks! We had to move people to get to the Wimmer graves!

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