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We are so happy to be able to build again and share our skills with our great weavers!! We are looking into a new idea Laura had, a stand for a scrolling square and/or an 18″ circular hoop, for her cross stitch. It would also be handy for embroidery, needlepoint, lockerhooking, rug hooking, painting on fabric, etc!
We went to Hobby Lobby and saw them for $80.00and they were so shoddy! Papa came along and said what are you looking at, and began to study the designs!! Well, those of you who know us know exactly what came out of his mouth,
“I can do that much better for that price or less!”
Here we go again, that was what happened when she wanted a tri loom also!!
We got a letter this week from one of our first customers who was happy to see us back:
Page, I am so excited to see you offering looms again!!! I stumbled uponyour loom on ebay several years ago — after having bought a triangle shawl at a craft show and being obsessed with learning how to do it! I don’t even know how many shawls I have made (you can see some in my photo file). I love your big loom — later your husband made me a 4 foot loom– and I also got a 2 foot loom and stand from you. They are wonderful and I’m so grateful to you for “getting me started” weaving!! Keep up with your beautiful creations and designs and welcome back!!! Carolyn Sue—

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