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What a great time!

This was the RNC week, Obama did an interview with Bill, John McCain actually appeared almost excited at the convention, my heart hurts for this hero of such gigantic proportions when I see him try to lift his arms. I see Kevin & Mike throw up their arms at each other,I must say the whole neighborhood is doing it now,it is almost like a Navy salute around here, meaning of course, “What the Hell?”  No matter where the guys see each other, i.e. downtown Roanoke during a parade, or up at the cematary to watch fireworks, not a word is said, just up go the arms!  John McCain cannot do that, and it hurts my heart,I look at finding another way for him to discretely learn to say with this little neighborhood, “What the Hell!”

Laura has a friend, we are very happy about that.  We had dinner together last night when we went to Danville to pick up things we left there and do laundry. Ofcourse, Mr.Bean got our dogs reinfected with fleas, so we had to wash them again today! I sure hope Jessica takes him enjoys him. Laura is looking at a step up at work and even less time at home, we got an ad in for the Finches, and will see what comes of that.  I am looking for a bird show so we can see what we can sell. I may go to Cathy’s and get the Senegal and take if there is a show around here any time soon.

I have called and left a message for Cathy that I want a meeting,a straightening out of the misunderstanding we obviously have, I am very hurt by it and I want it out in the open. I want to be able to talk to my friend, and see the horses, even if I never ride again, I want to help her, if she will only let me.  I have no idea what to think, how can you lose a friend of 30 years and not know why?

I am still applying and interviewing for jobs, yesterday at disability determination.  I want a school job, but as a counselor not a teacher. I wish now that I had gotten my Master’s in Guidance, not library, had I known then what I know now, I would have. I am seriously thinking of going back to get an e.ed. in Guidance and Curriculum.  Still no RT open, still no local school positions, and I am so ready for a change. I have no chance at the DD job I interviewed for yesterday, they were interviewing 18 people in the three days, I cannot hold up to all those younger people.  This jobs thing is bad!!!

But we are fine, here we have no bills, ha ha ha! What a joke, we are working to pay off the credit cards, the truckand the car, if I have to I will find something I can do even if it is hourly to get them paid off so we can buy a farm. That is all I care about right now.


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Howdy Y’all!!

I am on a rant, so be forewarned!!!!

What is this all about? What have we as Americans become? I have been at Laura’s while she has been sick, and her rule is no watching the news! So when I get home, DH is telling me all the news I have missed, Obama has made fruitcake out of the Bible?  Hillary has given up her run, hard to believe! The border fence is still not built. A border agent was run over by a drug dealer trying to get away and go back to Mexico and no one at all cares that her 5 year old son is missing a mother, as she rots away in jail! We still have the other two in solitary for doing their job, what the hell???  As Greer the green parrot and his Papa would say,


I have said for over a year now, lets dredge the Rio Grande and make it deeper and wider, lets take all the dirt to New Orleans to build it up, let’s haul all the extra gators out of the Florida swamp and put them into the Rio Grande, and then throw Bill Mayer in to see how the “fence system” works.  If he comes back, then we need more gators!!

What is the government thinking, and has anyone read their Bible lately? That man in Iran is getting ready to destroy us all and here we sit giving prizes to Al Gore for what? The same things the hippies (that would be me) have been saying since the 70’s when Mother Earth News became the magazine of the day! I-we-my family- can live self sufficently, we have learned over the years what and how to do that? What is wrong with today’s kids? They want to be spoon fed and prenant at 13!! Who is going to end up taking care of all those babies, the babies themselves who gave birth to them in jr high school???  Whatever happened to expelling pregnant teens and making them home-bound students so everyone would not be high 5’ing their having sex and getting a sperm donor!  You had best pick up the book and read Revelations!!  There will always be wars and rumors of wars in the middle East, now Isreal is going to attack Iran, who is going to help them, if we do not, God will destroy us for not helping his people.  I am flabbergasted that as I decide to open a new business in teaching heritage arts for the young people, dyeing yarn and knitting, spinning, etc, so that at least they will know something of the old ways, and will be able to protect and feed themselves, they are all out having sex and getting pregnant, talk about adding to their problems!

Where are their parents????

Don’t they even care about their kids??  Have they not gone to the trouble of teaching these children anything? Can any of them care for themselves much less a baby?  Oh and let’s all run to help China and bring their babies back here to raise, that’s another great idea?? Who is helping the poor and outcast amongst us here in this country, instead of the Chinese, the Africans, I am sooo sick of hearing about their illnesses, they brought them on themselves, why should they expect someone else to come in and take care of them? The storms and the fury that are taking out large populations are all listed in the Bible and they have nothing to do with “Global Warming”. They have to do with prophesy and the actions of the people involved.  If we elect Obama into the our government, we are in for real trouble, his wife is the greatest hate monger I have ever seen on TV!! She is what my KKK Granddaddy would have called ‘an uppity nigger’ as he rolls in his grave and says “Elvis, save us!!” 

I am not a politician, I am not any thing, really. I am just an American with a voice, and this voice has paid the price to be able to state my feelings freely, my disabled Veteran Husband will tell you, there is no control for me, I am full out even if I am slower than I was 20 years ago. 30 years ago I was milking goats, raising hogs, chickens, rabbits, calves, and raising two beautiful babies, I could take care of myself and my family. I have the shooting trophy to prove what I can do with a 22 rifle. My redneck husband decided to join the Navy and serve the country called America, and what he got for his trouble is a load of Sadam’s nonexistent nerve gases and weapons of destruction, now he suffers daily with joint degeneration, back and spine degneration, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, Chronic PTSD, and severe depression. Wow, wouldn’t you love to be him?  Serve up the WMD’s folks, whether you believe in them or not, ask the guys who were there how they feel now!! You will not believe how many are medically retired with the same problems, and are not eligible for concurrent receipt because they did not make it to 20 years service, their bodies gave out and they became a liability, so shouldn’e we be giving them more, not less???

I told you I was on a rant, I forewarned you, now I want to tell you, I love my family, I love my country, I am so disappointed that no one in the government will listen to the people who make sense instead of the liberal secular progressives who are trying to take our society apart.  How can we be so stupid when we are supposed to be the most educated country on the Earth? I am ready to go back to the classroom and straighten out some of the misrepresentations. How long do you think I will last?

I look forward to teaching the old Foxfire Skills, if you have not read the Foxfire series done in the Appalchains in the 60’s and 70’s, look them up. It is a series of 4 books, yes everything comes back to books with me, that a group of college students put together about the old ways and went up into the hills and talked to the old people, and made a record of what and how they lived, it is fascinating reading.  You may need those skills soon, when we have to go back to the horse and buggy cuz their is no diesel left to fuel the new truck and horse trailer!! Me, I am for turning all the used cooking oil in the US into diesel and let the gas guzzelers cry!! Detroit has had the last word for too long on what we should and will be presented with to drive, long live the hybrid and the peanut oil fueled buses that Willie Nelson drives.


I am voting for Toby Keith and Willie Nelson as President and Vice President, as write ins in protest to the politicians, cuz I DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN BELIEVE ANY OF THEM!!!!!

Are you with me, mate? Shall we start a grass roots rebellion and take over this country and make someone who is already living what they preach our leaders??? 

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We have begun selling on Etsy, at     


and are finding it to be a great experience! Things have started selling and we are looking at some advertising on Ravelry which should bring many people to our shop. I am happy to say Kevin is selling his Nostepinne’s that he learned to make on his wood lathe. 

We jsut celebrated Mother’s Day with Laura and her Grandma, it was a great weekend although it rained all day on Sunday! It was one of those, blow your umbrella inside out, rains! We did take them Saturday to the Home Place Resturant on top of Catawba Mountain.  It was wonderful and we got right in, no waiting, of course we got there an hour before they ‘opened’ and they were already open, so beats me!  But it worked out wonderfully, and all had a great time.

Sunday Ani called and told her grandmother she had gotten engaged, to which her ‘memaw’ said finally! Now you will not be living in sin, and of course, she turned to us and said “well, you know Ani is an Artist”  I said, ‘Yes, I know, I are one too’ to which my husband of over 30 years relpied,’Well, why did we get married?’

Now we have one turning 30 this weekend and one 26, unbelievable! People told us the time would fly, and I prayed it would, now that I look back on those times, I think I managed well while we were in the Navy, and I was raising these young’un’s. At the time, I felt stretched to the limit, but I do believe that I needed a hobby!

The depression took over and there were weeks I did not leave my room, I just sat there and read books, now that I look back, I see all the symptoms.  I am on antidepressants now, a heavy dose but I still have times when I do not want to leave the house and I struggle with it daily. I used to be so funny and made everyone laugh and I had friends, many of them, was respected and loved by the whole Navy family for my help as an Ombudsman! I think when we left Mayport and went to an airdale community, I lost my way.  Nothing was the same and we were shunned by the airdales. After all, we were some of very few snipes (sea going rates-black shoes as it was). Kevin excelled there and got his wings and was the first sailor there to have both warfare, ship and air, pins ever.  Then he was transferred back to the ship and left us behind as he made Chief aboard the USS Vicksburg, CG-69! Wow, we were all so proud!!  We had a Navy Chief in the family, he had studied for over a year every day for 4 hours after work and made it first time up!

Now we are retired, living on pensions, I am making crafts to have mad money, which I love!! I just hate depending on it! Laura and I have started a new business of dyeing the yarns, and hand painting them and she is wonderful!! She makes the most beautiful combinations! 

I have happily been contracted  to teach for 4 weeks this summer at the

ALABAMA FOLK SCHOOL and am really looking forward to it! I am teaching first a week of clock building in Dad’s Memory. Then a week of Knitting Accessories, then Knit’n & Purl’n, and finally Paper Arts!

I am so excited, I will spend some time with Josh between weeks and some with Tana! It will be a great summer if we get enough enrolled, so I am going to advertise those classes like crazy!!

I am off to complete some pendants and make them into necklaces and put them on Etsy!! See you there! 



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Well, life goes on, doesn’t it?  I have had such a hard time with this loss.  I went to Laura’s to hide and not deal with it and guess what happened?  I made some wonderful new friends,  boy-oh-boy that really helped.  I sewed and knitted like a fool!! I had some very creative moments, sat at the Starbucks with the sweetest group of ladies, knitting our hearts out, and chatting having a latte, ummmm,  now that is living!  I recommend friends to everyone for a respite and support.  Laura is such a loving daughter, she is having a rough deal at the moment and we are all in serious prayer for her.  It is difficult to work in a oppressed atmosphere where everyone is afraid or angry.  I can hardly believe that it is coming up on the end of March and time to go to Florida. I have Dr appts and meds to refill.  I think Josh may need some support as well, he is trying so hard to get a good job in his field,  struggling with making ends meet, and missing all of his family.  I feel like scooping him up and bringing him here with the rest of us, but he feels out of place here, he has no memories to speak of from this part of the worls.  We joined the Navy when he was 5 and took off for parts unknown, so he has not got the roots here that Laura and her Dad and I have.  Mom is doing better than I expected, she is so sad and does not understand why but I have a song for her—– Farther along we will understand…….. I shall take her my Gaither’s CD with Ivan Parker singing that song.  Maybe that will keep her company while we are gone.

We leave Tuesday and take Sweet Pea to Laura’s, spend the night with her and see my friends! Then we will go from there to Tana’s and spend the night there, before we go on to Pensacola and Josh’s where we will lite for a couple of weeks!  I am ready, I need to walk the beach and clear my head, I need to smell the salt water and fish for oops……..gig for flounder with my son!  In that mean boat that threw me out and tried to pull my arm off! 

We have one set of trilooms left, 5 and a half foot with easel, I want to sell it and never see it again.  The looms kept us alive and Kevin busy, but now he has moved on to better and funner things that he can make with his wood lathe.  He has been making nostepinnes, he says ‘nasty pins’  and I won’t tell you what his next idea is spurred on by that!

We have been loading yarn, pendants, bags and goodies on etsy, now I am ready for a vacation.  I look forward to that nasty smell we used to complain about when we crossed the bridge into Mayport, you could smell the bog, the swamp there, but it meant we were home for so many years when we were stationed there.  Now I look forward to that smell as we hit the Pensacola coastline!  White sands and margaritas, ya ya!  We will see about those margaritas when we get the results of my blood sugar tests from the Dr. I hope that he will increase my metformin, then I can eat a little more. 

Yoo hoo! That is all I hear now that Zorro has moved into the sitting room from my craft room.  He does not like to be alone, but I will bring his play stand back this trip and he can come in here with me.  He really likes to “help” by eating whatever I am working on!!  At least he has learned to say ‘thank you’ which alerts me to his having taken something!  I am off to make some clay pendants and beads and eat some lunch,

Let’s make a pact! Let’s all agree to smile no matter what, it is so hard to be sad, mad, upset, aggravated or bent out of shape with a smile on your face……………….and you just might help someone else who really needs to see that smile!   Happy day!

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As the new year begins, what shall we do?  Shall we start a new shoppe, a new craft, a new idea?  Shall we build on what we have started?  Shall we make a business plan, ah ha! Now, that is where I think we should start this year and begin by forgiving all the sins perpertrated against us in the past, and start anew, personally, professionally, physically, mentally, emtionally and just plain let go and let God take over. 

I was watching Joel Osteen last night as I surfed the channels, and his message was to have a free and clean spirit and be blessed double.  I like that idea, do not dwell in the past.  Get over it and rise above it, he said!!  Greg Bishop, Command Master Chief of the USS Saratoga (CV-60) out of Mayport Fl in 1989-1990 passed those words on to his Ombudsmen at every meeting we had.  Rise above it, forget it, it is in the past.  Help those in need now and move on, never give up and never forget to be positive. You can do  and be anything you want bad enough, if you don’t suceed, according to Billy Joe Shaver, Try and Try again!!  No where in his music does it say to give up or to quit.  Build a dream and go after it.  I want to be able to go grocery shopping on the last day of the m month, buy anything I want to eat & not have to look at the price tag, use my debit card and not have to be concerned if it will ping! 

That, my dear fiends friends, is my idea of wealthy! Rich beyond compare. Able to have any food I want! This is not the end of 2007–it is the beginning of 2008.  Looking forward, being positive, creating new and beautiful items, sharing with my dear ones, learning something special to keep the old brain from deteriorating; keeping on spinning, knitting, cropping, beading, traveling, smiling, and using up all those lamp parts!

I am too tired, needing my meds refilled, and chilly tonight to enjoy anything, so I think I will knit this Tudora for Tana and go to bed early on the first day of the year. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to add an rss feed button to this blog so that I can send it out–and the widget has kicked my butt! But guess what??  Tomorrow I will be widget proof and kick it’s butt!

Then you can subscribe and read all my rantings, therfore; there will be no question as to where I stand.  I stand on the rock!!

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Last Day of 2007

Mornin’!  Here we are on the last day of the year. What have we accomplished this year?

Done a lot of knitting, played with paper and multi-media, built and sold some looms, taught some people to spin, knit and weave, played with my grand nieces, organized and sorted about a ton of fiber, moved Laura to her new home and set it up for her, (she was setting up the new Starbucks in Danville, Va., hiring & training and working 18 hr days!), saved the guard dog from being euthanized for doing his job, missed my T and her girls like a toothache, rode horses a lot of the Blue Ridge Parkway horse trails through the mountains, looked at property to build a family retreat, moved about 3 horse trailers full of JUNK from Fl to Va, spent some time at the beach and with Josh, got Kevin a storage building (12X24 built by the Amish),  filled it with JUNK and lots of power tools, table saw, wood lathe, band saw, miter saw, reloading equipment, he has loaded tons of bullets this year, given some away and traded some for deer which we canned and froze, 5 of them!  Went hunting, fishing and to the Outer Banks with our dear friends, had a blast catching fish and eating them, they have a wonderful hide-away down there! 

This coming year we are going to Pennsylvania with them.  We have a dream of seeing North and South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and NM this year–I said a dream! If diesel stays at $3.50 a gallon, I guess we will start burning converted peanut oil or get the left over from chinese resturants who soak everything in oil and then throw it out! All of Willie’s buses run on converted oil, but then he has a little more money than us. 

Kevin is going to the shooting range to collect brass and lead, barely able to walk but he is still going like the ever-ready bunny.  I am going to spend the day with my friend, Joan, and we will make something, Lord only knows what!  May put some programs on her Baby Lock for her, or make some polymer clay dolls, or paint a picture, it doesn’t really matter as long as we have fun!

I feel very alone this year, with Mother and Auntie gone, neither of my brothers speaking to me, who knows why, I don’t!  We spend 75% of our time looking after Mom & Dad even tho they pay a fortune a month for care at the Glebe, if we do not go at least every other day, they are ignored.  In that they know we are coming, they take pretty good care of them.  Dad is busy with little projects but Mom sits there and says she can’t get anything done.  Too busy saying she can’t get anything done and asking Kevin to do it all for her to even begin to do anything. I have tried to get her knitting again, and doing some of the things she used to enjoy, but she is adamantly unhappy. That is her choice whereas Dad is in terrible shape, on a feeding tube, making and repairing clocks and fixing little things, with a project going constantly. His statement is always the same, Feel bad, so what? What we gonna do today, let’s get something done! He gets in the electric wheelchair and you have to run to keep up with him! Take him to Sam’s, you might as well sit down and wait, he is going to SHOP!!!  He is a living miracle, we give thanks for him and his attitude daily!  If we could only get Mom inspired to do something, anything! 

New Year’s Day in Pensacola, Fl this year. We always try to be here for Josh’s Birthday on Dec 29. It is hard to believe my baby child is 26 years old.  He is so strong and so capable, it is awesome to see him at work.  He is such a procrastinator tho! He leaves everything to the last minute and then gets in a flurry that his Dad and I find very disconcerting!  We are moving at a slower pace these days, and do not rush unless absolutely necessary. We see people hurrying everywhere, off to work, kids to the day care, running each other off the road, for what? The almighty dollar?  Cut out half the stuff you do not NEED to survive and you won’t have to be in such a rush, play with your children and you will be much more satisfied, give your neighbors your phone number in case of emergency, yes, that means you have to introduce yourselves, look out for each other, pass a little gift to someone in need, make a resolution to be nicer this year, to move slower and enjoy some little thing each day, before your days are over and everyone you love is gone.  Moms, stay home with your children until they go to school and make sure they know you and know that you love them, Dads, take time out for each child each week and do something special, they need you too!  People, stop screwing around indiscriminately and having children out of wedlock! The effect is yet to be seen on the latchkey kids and the children raised without any role models at home, ask Montel, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, they will give you the stats on the problems, Bill Cosby will tell you if you would only listen!  The spread of disease is eating away at our society, gangs and atheists are tearing us apart, what ever happened to being proud of our religion and our God? Start this new year with love and God in your hearts and see if you can’t accomplish more, in a nicer way and consider others before yourself, what a novel idea! 

It is a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day in Florida, I am going outside and soak up the rays and pray for  us all!

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Who cook from scratch, who spin their own yarn, weave their own rugs, who dye their own fiber, who shear their own sheep, llamas and dogs, who are determined to live in the old ways and pass the ability to survive to any who will listen! As Hank says, “Country folk can survive!” And don’t try to take our guns, especially the pink ones, we got knives too!

Dreams of being self sufficient, spinning, weaving, knitting, painting, crafting for a living, drinking coffee, loving Starbucks,  (promote, promote, promote!)  loving life, adding a special something to each life we touch, teaching others the arts we know, not being left behind with nothing to show for all the effort, wishing peace and love to the world, looking for an honest politician, wondering if the world will be here in 100 years, shooting our guns, standing fast and firm for the right to bear arms and speak our minds! Just try to take our right’s from us or anyone in the wonderful USA!  If you do not like it here, or speak English, if you have not blended into our society; go back where you came from and you will see that you will never have the rights you would have here as a legal citizen. If you are here illegally, leave and enter this country with your head held high, our men & women have sacrificed themselves for you to have the right to become a citizen. Do not try to sneak in our back door and commit crimes on our people!

We stand for those who will stand up and fight for this country IN this country~! Does anyone besides me feel we have been invaded by aliens, politicians, illegals and idiots?  are we going to have to fortify ourselves and our homes to be able to live in peace in our own country?

Are you angry at me yet? I have not begun to express the sadness in my heart of the changes in this country for the last 50 years. I used to be safe, barefoot, running the hills of Southwest Virginia as a girl, we would walk 5 miles trick or treating, and no one was ever afraid, we never locked our doors, we got on our horse and rode alone, a little girl to a friends house to play, the gate was always open to anyone who was hungry, tired, traveling and needed help. What happened to those days? Where did our safety go? Who decided it was good to rush, rush, rush and keep all the stores open on Sunday, whatever happened to a day of rest?  Those who preach it, go out to eat every Sunday and expect to be served but would never themselves work on Sunday?

What has happened to us in this country that we would be paranoid and fearful in our own homes, why do we need to spend money every month on surveillance of our security system?? Why do our children sit inside and stare at the TV?  and video games? Don’t get me started on the violence of that? Why does humanity crave violence in the movies and ridiculous, filthy speech is the norm, who decided for me that I wanted to see people slaughtered and hear profanity??

I have the right to choose not to watch and not to listen, not to smell the pollution, to use natural resources wisely and to love my friends and treat them with respect.  Who will stand with me and refuse to allow the acrimony, meanness, the lies, the disrespect, the smut and the violence touch their lives? Are we the only people who feel this way??

Are we–the dreamspinner’s– deluding ourselves, do we need to go live with the Amish to find peace and brotherly love?  Do we have to purchase our own mountain and fortify it like the military so that we can safely live in peace and quiet the rest of lives, safely? Does that sound like the United States of America that you grew up in, or are we just so selfish, rude, rushed, pushed, overburdened with debt to the point that we cannot even take care of our own? Who is going to teach the children how to live on their own if this world falls apart and they need to survive without TV, microwaves, running water, public restrooms, video games, cars that pollute the air and burn up the earth, airplanes that race people from coast to coast, how would we live without the computer I am writing on right now?

Does anyone remember the Pony Express? The wagon trains that settteled this land? The sacrifices our grandparents made for us to be where we are today? Would they be proud as we abuse each other?  Don’t ever think you can turn your head and ignore these things and not deal with them, they will come back to haunt us all!

This machine told me to write my first post, well, it got more than it asked for, huh?

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